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A place to enjoy the creations of Volks Inc. of Japan
What is this community?
This is a place for friends to gather to share photos, information, stories and more about Volks products. We are not associated with Volks but have created this community as a way of showing our appreciate and sharing our enjoyment of this hobby. This is just getting off the ground so more will be added with time.

Just to note, this is not a selling community. There are several places where Volks dolls are sold on-line so checking those out will be a much more effective way to find what you are looking for. Thank you for understanding this. Also, please no hotlinking of photos. Any posts hotlinking will be deleted. Thank you for understanding that this takes bandwidth away from other sites which is not a good thing.

Who is Volks?
Volks is a company in Japan that offers resin modeling kits and models, some based on anime and manga. In 1999 they created unique resin ball jointed dolls. The dolls were a new way of allowing people to express their individuality since their eyes could be changed, they wear wigs, and many people change the painting of the faces (face-ups). One can also create their one of a kind doll using the Volks Full Custom Service at the Volks Stores. Volks has moved into the vinyl Fashion Doll world with their Who's That Girl and Century Model lines. Also made of vinyal are their Lost Angels Story, Customize Figures and the larger Dollfie Dream dolls.

Just a few words
All are welcome here. We wish this to be a friendly community and request that posts and comments reflect that. Since this is an open community photos and such of an adult nature are best posted elsewhere. Thank you for this and we hope you enjoy participating!