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Volks News Magazine can now be purchased


Volks is now selling back issues on the international website.  You must e-mail them as to which ones you want and they are taking Paypal for these.

New things up on the Super Dollfie 10th Anniversary page.  The item up for voting now is favorite limited wig.


The official Volks photos of the Osaka Dolpa 5 Dollfies will show up here.


As word has gotten out, there is a new SD13 boy Eden who is part of "The Maiden's Promise" group, which includes Liz, Emma and Christal.  
A Sweet Dreams MSD Yui dressed in h.Naoto. 
New SDC boy Ryu and Yo SD versions of Kun and Ryo. 

Also two new versions of Rei and Asuka Dollfie Dream.  These are characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion.  There will be a school outfit available.  In the past these dolls were only available in Japan due to licensing, but perhaps now that more has become available at least in the US, they might show-up on the US website later.  We shall have to see.

Volks Dolpa 19 After Report

 The Volks Dolpa 19 in Korea After Report is up, although the second page was not working for the English site when I checked.  Still some nice photographs and report about the new location for the Dolpa and the classes.


Page two in Japanese

Also, two new Mini-Dollfie Dream dolls will be available in Japan.  They are from the Nitroplus creation "Demonbane", representing the characters Al Azif and Lady Etheldreda.


Looks like they will be available at the Osaka Dolpa 5 on August 8th.  Nothing yet as to what other goodies will be unveiled for this event.
They will be going on sale July 26th at 11 am Pacific Standard Time.  
Outfits include lovely kimono for the larger dolls including geta-styled sandals for SD16 girls.
Also a nice selection of items for your Yo SD dollfies!

The Blog

The outfits 

On the Japan internet site, there will be the July 2008 outfits for sale July 12th and 13th, Japan Standard Time.


And looks like they will be here on the International Site


Have fun shopping!

By way of an Introduction . . .

Thank you for starting this community, Tenshiyume!

Thanks for posting regular updates on VOLKS' activities as well!

My name is Bruce, and I've had the great privilege of being one of Pat's FDQ volunteers at the NYC Dolpa the last two years. From the moment I read of Sarah's visit to Dolpa Nagoya and Tenshi no Sato, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish foundation, I've loved the soul and people of VOLKS. From the moment I opened the box of my very first VOLKS doll, the SD13 Link in my profile photo, I've loved their dolls as well. Since that day, a Masha named Victoria, an Olivia named Phoenix and a precious Yo-Tenshi Mamu named Sarah-Satomi have joined Kisho-Ryuu and I. My wife's collection of tiny, chibi and mini BJDs includes a Yo-SD Kuuta who goes by the name of Spike.

They do tend to spoil me for other BJDs . . .

Mata ne!


Volks New York Dolpa After Report is up!


Very lovely report and photos of Volks friends, families and dolls.  Do take a look if you haven't already.

And because I am behind in posting...

Very cute new Volks Anniversary Buttons are now availble to order at the Volks Japan page along with maintenance items

Megu and Komame...very tempting!

Dolpa 19 Afterparty

This probably has been posted elsewhere, but thought I would post it here also.

Volks has a new version of Olivia Morgan SD16 Super Dollfie.  Her outfit is cute but what caught my eye was the text with her.  How fun they are continuing the Tokyo Boys story, even in an off-hand way.

Olivia is featured here

In other news, it looks like Volks is starting to gather information or look for instructors, at least in Japan, for to new classes for collectors.  It appears they want to start these classes in March of next year.  Perhaps this is part of the their Dollfie University? 
 From the Volks International Website thanking everyone for attending the New York Dolpa.  


Remember this grumpy guy?

Well, according to a post on Den of Angels by FDQ writer AM, Pat from FDQ states there are still a few Irvin's available, and to e-mail her at fdqmag@mac.com.  

Also there is clarification about what will happen with the dolls if they are found.  It sounds like they would be sold and the proceeds from the sales would go to Make a Wish.

Pat also stated there would be at least two more New York Dolpas in the coming years.

Thread is here if you wish to read it.

Volks Super Dollfie doll part exchange?

Received more information regarding the Volks Super Dollife part exchange.  It was updated to add the larger doll sizes.  It is the basic rates to exchange damaged parts if a doll owner needs to do so.   

No new information regarding the missing dolls from the Volks New York Dolpa.  There were three dolls not stolen.  It appears they were locked in another room.  There are lots of rumors and mis-information going around so unless something comes from an official source, it is best to wait.  Also, I feel for anyone who has a similar doll and attempts to sell it at this time.  I would suggest anyone doing that to show a photograph of the head plate to make it easier for themselves.

Thank you to those who have joined this little community.  I hope you get something out of this.  Please feel comfortable to post photos and information about your Volks dolls and figures. 


AreeElf over on the Den of Angels Board

gratiously posted photographs she took of most of the dolls.  She has offered for people to use these photographs in hopes it will help if someone sees any of the dolls for sale anywhere.  

  FCS f-29 and FCS msd 21