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Hi! My name is Kristy Star Sisk. I just purchased my first Volk doll and I know basically nothing about them. I Do know I like the dolls better than Irvin dolls which I agree with most people that the dolls are really not that good. Most Irvin dolls I looked at I just do not consider them to be that good. The doll that I have purchased is a 8 inch Sailor Saturn doll. I paid $135 for her. I consider it to be worth it because she just seems more real than the other Sailor Saturn dolls I have seen. I am a Sailor Moon fan and like I said on my interests and bio Sailor Moon is one of the things that I collect. Most of the dolls I have are Irvin because normally I just can't afford anything better. But I did spend some money on my first doll but still Sailor Saturn is my favorite all time character. I thought it would be worth the trouble. An Irvin would have been $100 but it is just not very well made.

So I was wondering if I could talk to some people who know a lot more about Volk dolls than I do. And if you ever heard of anyone purchasing a Sailor Saturn Volk doll and If I got a good deal or a bad deal involving it. I am happy with it but I hate spending money on something that isn't considered to be worth that much amount. But this doll really does look more like her than any other doll that I have seen which is why I purchased it.

Her limbs move which I'm not use to that. Most of the dolls that I have their arms and legs do not move. I don't know if I care for that or not because of the way it looks. I'm not use to having my dolls move. She is the only one who can move. Her elbows, her kneecaps, her arms, her legs, her waist. Is that common for a Volk doll? The doll being able to move?

I was just wondering more about Volk dolls. Would someone tell me more about them?
Sincerely yours,

Kristy Star Sisk
Hello all!

I'm new here ^^
I'm Super Dollfie fan and owner! Got 2 Volks dolls (and 3rd on the way :D ). And some other companies :)
I'm also a designer and seamstress, so I sew and sell outfits for dollfies. I also take commissions, samples of my outfits can be seen in my LJ ^^
Nice to meet you!


Hello everyone !!

I'm Keiko, new to both livejournal and this lovely community.
I thought I'd post  website containing lots of beautiful doll pictures.


Also wanted to post a picture of my favorite doll:


Thats all, wishes everyone a great day. ^O^

Might be good to see what you have lined up for the date of 11/1/08....

More to come as Volks USA is revamping their website and setting up the official USA Dolls Party website.

Just a reminder

On the Volks USA website they will start selling the July 2008 Collection at 11:00 am PST

They also are selling the older news letters

On Volks Superdollfie page they have photos from different events.  Just click on the links to see fans and dolls in Japan, Europe, Korea and the United States.  Perhaps someone you know is there?

And if you look at the Japanese site, they have cute stationary and computer wallpaper you can download

Along with the 10th Anniversary, Volks will be selling a little Komame kitty in Japan.  Hopefully there will be enough for overseas customers also. 

Still waiting on news as to where and when the USA Dolpa will be held.  I know they have been working very hard to decide where would be a good place and time.  I think there may be some suprises in store.

Lastly, it appears the Standard Super Dollfies will be receiving updated face-ups for dolls sold in the future.

Photos and more

From the Osaka Dolpa 5




Also, looks like the lucky people who are getting Yo Dollfies from the New York Dolpa also have a chance to buy sets of the extra hands that were previously sold for Yo Dollfies.

Volks is also making an apperance at the Wonder Festival in Tokyo this weekend.  Looks like they have some amazing figures being offered for the event.  

Just wanted to mention

That this journal was created as a place to share news and information about the company Volks and their creations.
This was done because there wasn't a community on Live Journal that was just for Volks.

If you have questions about what is okay to post here, you can find it on the information page.
There are other communities on Live Journal for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, and also websites and message boards.  In fact, for selling and buying, the message boards for Den of Angels, Resinalilty and Den of Demons are all very active places if you wish to sell or buy dolls.  This community here on Live Journal was not set-up to be a selling/buying community.

Thank you and I hope everyone understand this.  It's noted on the the information page.


Wow, 50,000 yen to the grand prize winner Ms. Sayara!  

The winners in The Maidens' Promise Catagory

The winners in The Tokyo Boys (and girl) Catagory

And the winners in The Oath of the Silver Coin Catagory

Now for the big news, the outfits that made it to the second round of the High Mode contest

Will be displayed at the Osaka Dolpa and people attending will vote for the winners.  Actual outfits have been created by each designer that was chosen by the Volks Judges.  

I for one, hope a few of these outfits show-up in the future.  I especially enjoyed those made for the three different Volks story lines.  I hope they do more of this in the future.  Congratulations to everyone who participated and those who won!

Want an SD Irvin and missed ordering one?


Word from the FDQ people is that they got a few extra of this gorgeous elf and so he is still available to be purchased.

Here at the FDQ website:

And since they have the dolls there, no long waiting for your boy to arrive!

Just two things

The FDQ Volks Irvins are in New York and are ready to ship!  Looking forward to seeing all these new boys out there.

Also everyone probably already knows that Volks USA is going to open the lottery for the Osaka Dolpa Limited items on August 3rd, the same day as the Dolpa.  

The Volks USA Blog post with all the information is here: