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Hi! My name is Kristy Star Sisk. I just purchased my first Volk doll and I know basically nothing about them. I Do know I like the dolls better than Irvin dolls which I agree with most people that the dolls are really not that good. Most Irvin dolls I looked at I just do not consider them to be that good. The doll that I have purchased is a 8 inch Sailor Saturn doll. I paid $135 for her. I consider it to be worth it because she just seems more real than the other Sailor Saturn dolls I have seen. I am a Sailor Moon fan and like I said on my interests and bio Sailor Moon is one of the things that I collect. Most of the dolls I have are Irvin because normally I just can't afford anything better. But I did spend some money on my first doll but still Sailor Saturn is my favorite all time character. I thought it would be worth the trouble. An Irvin would have been $100 but it is just not very well made.

So I was wondering if I could talk to some people who know a lot more about Volk dolls than I do. And if you ever heard of anyone purchasing a Sailor Saturn Volk doll and If I got a good deal or a bad deal involving it. I am happy with it but I hate spending money on something that isn't considered to be worth that much amount. But this doll really does look more like her than any other doll that I have seen which is why I purchased it.

Her limbs move which I'm not use to that. Most of the dolls that I have their arms and legs do not move. I don't know if I care for that or not because of the way it looks. I'm not use to having my dolls move. She is the only one who can move. Her elbows, her kneecaps, her arms, her legs, her waist. Is that common for a Volk doll? The doll being able to move?

I was just wondering more about Volk dolls. Would someone tell me more about them?
Sincerely yours,

Kristy Star Sisk