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Just a reminder

On the Volks USA website they will start selling the July 2008 Collection at 11:00 am PST

They also are selling the older news letters

On Volks Superdollfie page they have photos from different events.  Just click on the links to see fans and dolls in Japan, Europe, Korea and the United States.  Perhaps someone you know is there?

And if you look at the Japanese site, they have cute stationary and computer wallpaper you can download

Along with the 10th Anniversary, Volks will be selling a little Komame kitty in Japan.  Hopefully there will be enough for overseas customers also. 

Still waiting on news as to where and when the USA Dolpa will be held.  I know they have been working very hard to decide where would be a good place and time.  I think there may be some suprises in store.

Lastly, it appears the Standard Super Dollfies will be receiving updated face-ups for dolls sold in the future.